Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lovely holidaYsssss.=)

wow!Seem like i kinda long didnt *touch* my blog aredy ==

haiyo,kinda busy these few day .

haiz..*ahem ahem* actually,wth i m busy for?

errr,i dun know!! ==


everyday eat slp,eat slp.

wat kind of life is this?

btw,i m still ENJOYED it!

i wish my holiday would never,END.never n never.

weevee!! i love HOLIDAYsssssssssssssssss..=D

Ended my busy term-2,now enjoying my lovely hoildays.

at my over house with my sweet lovely parents.!

i love u,mum n dad =)

since i 2 week didnt cum bec hm aredy,my parents was so excited that im cumming bec!

my plane arrived penang airport at 3.40pm.

but they had been waiting me since 3.30pm.

my god,i was so HAPPY when i saw my parents!!


mum n dad hug me n kissed me once they saw me..

weih weih,malu lah..!!

anyway,this is the prove tat my parent love me so much!!


hmm,Wat had i did during these holiday?


veri simple,slp at 5am,woke at 3pm.

tat my life!woow,sound so enjoy..

ahem,it sound so..LAZY!! n meaningless!!

m i right?yes,you are.(mum ans)

she kep asking me to accompany her to shopping ect.

haiyo,dun wan la..

always shopping,shop more buy more =P


now is midnite 3.13am.=.=

y m i hvn slp yet??

i dun know!wth,i cant slp lah weih..!

jz hang up ph 2sec ago,with someone =)


tml nid to wake at 8,fetch my beloved mummy to work.

haih,such a great daughter.


anyway,i m definately enjoy my..HOLIDAYsss..!1

but jackie seem like so bered at hm..

hmm,pooor poor jackie.

guai guai lah,holiday is going to end soon =D

Sunday, August 3, 2008


wow,reali long time didnt write blog aredy..=)
now is MORNING 5.40am..hmm..wat m i doing..==
so late hvn slp yettt...
hehehe..i also dun know..bcz...I DUN WAN SLLPPPP!!
kekeke..such a long time didnt blogging aredy.,i felt like wana blooging wor.
bcz..i think of 1 of my fren.
'Mr harimao'
he told me tat,blogging is FUN,ask me to blooging..
ok lorr...bcz,i also nth to do wat.^.^okie,let see wat happen today..
opps,i suppose said.YESTERDAY.Yesterday,was..SUNDAY.
early in the morning,i got a kiss from my beloved daddy..
wat a sweet lovely morning.he woke me up..
i open my eye,i smiled at him,n said..
MOrning my DARling gurl.
he replied.
Omg,i LOVE my dad!!
hehehe...i look at my hp.
11.02am,3 msg,2 miss call
hu the 1 phone me EARLY in the morninggg...!!!
hahaha!!walked to the kitchen..
mum is cooking!!
she cooked all my favorite food..<3<3
i was like so touching!!!
so hapy..!
(touching for the food,happy bcz of mum)
mum asked me go to bathee..
haizz...suddenly i m so sad!!
i m going bec to kL.dunwan dunwan DUN WAN!!
but..need to study :(
wat to doooooo...
after bate..then..MAKAN!
after makan..BALIK!!
b4 went out,mum asked me..': Cynthear,enuf moni or not..?"
anything hav relationship with money...
my ans will forever.."NOT ENUF'!,mum give me rm700.
i kept it into my purse and say gud bye to my herbie...T_T
okie,every1 went in the car the time to go..
sob sob..byebye my herbieee...
finaly,we arrived air port!
mum asked me to give her my ic during wana cheak-in.
eeiii...where is my pursee??
i leave it on my table while my mum gave me the moni...!
dun hav ic cannot cheak in..
but aredy 3.21pm aredy!!my flight was 4.05am.
my dad immediately drove us n rush bec..
OMG!!his driving skill!!!
i nearly DIE for ore than 10 time!!
he used 25 min from pg airport -->my house + change car--> airport.
can u imagine how fast he drove.
Act,the speed is okie for me,BUT,the skill n the technique was so GREAT n of cz ..SCARYY!!!! mum staright away canot stand n felt headche.
my sister more funny,CRIED!
haiz..was my fault!
i m too careless..!finaly,i also missed the flight...
no nid go to sch...wahahahaha!
nahh!!do u think tat im happy?
NO,i dont.
i felt sad n guilty..!!haizz...
wat to doo...FORGOT IT laRss..!!
so..i went coffee bean n bought some ice bleded n muffins..!
the muffin tasted like the muffin tat i did!
AHemm ahemm..wat a TAK MALU+PERASAN gal here..
hehe!!anyway,i learn some 'SKILLs' from my dad..
n learn a lesson,DO NOT BE SO CARELESS anymore..=)
Finally,we rush from all the way,wasted time,wasted moni,wasted energy n..get..NOTHING!
hu did this...
who the one..
is me..T_T
anyway,lhapi during tat time,still hav ppl ask me to cheers up..
and help me cheat the lecture =P
THX alott..=)
i no nid tat mention 'YOU' u know hu are!

Monday, March 31, 2008

cheNg MenG. =*)

Time was running so fast,6 more days..
i m going to leave soon..
haiz..haha..this few days reali busy..
busy cheng meng,busy shopping..
i love cheng meng,also dislike cheng meng..
there reali veri veri hot!tak boleh tahan sia!

ON the way to pray my grandma-->>

although there was veri hot..
but,i still wear alot clothes!
i dun wan turn dark..hehe..
jecket+long pants+cap+umbrella..!
hehe..but..still turn a bit dark ==
swt..but at least not so serious lah..hehe.
Friday cheng meng my grandma..

praying praing..-->>

after that went shopping..
was like from the shopping mall open until the mall close..
=D and bought alot thing..
is kinda enjoy sia .^^
but also eat alot too..==
this few days kep eating..
ZzZzZzzz..regrat d..T_T
Satuday go cheng meng my great gandfather..
wake early again..
after that shopping again...
he is going to open the durian with these knife == -->>
Sunday cheng meng my granpa..
summre so crowded.
tat y mz wake early lur..
i jz slpt 2hours only..
veri tired..
2am slp til 4am..
bcz 6 am mz arrive there..
sobs..look like panda d..=[
i SWEAR,strat college,i wan slp b4 12am!! u think i can do it? if slp b4 12 pm,maybe i could.
xD hehe.
look at my cute daddy..wei..tat my umbrella..--->>
not reali suit his style i guess.hehe.
u know wat,after cheng meng?
shopping again ==
tired summore can go shopping!
this called,GIRLs..hehe
my life was like jz rotating,repeat repeat n repeated!
i been going the same shopping mall 4 time!swt..
while waiting my turn for pray -->
well,i dun wan go for shopping anymore,
as wat my mum said..
shop more spend more.
hehe..she said she afraid go shopping with me d..
she said,i tak boleh than u,u wan shopping,ask husband bring u go nex time.
but..i din hav husband wat..
go find 1..= =
haha.anyways,this few days,mani thing happen.
sad n happi..tired but enjoy.
but,overall..i'm happy lar =D
never letting myself sad,try to be happi ..^^
although i'm busy,but i still *misS yoU*..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

shOppIng liFe *.*

kinda a long time din post le..
this few day few so lazy and busy sia..
wat kind of business make me busy??

haha..SHOPPING !
time passing so fas..
nid to start study again..
btw,i'm kinda happi..
and quite look forward for my college life..
and reali looking forward to be with u too.. :)
but something sad also..
going to leave..haiz..
this few days,see my mum..
i felt she look like kinda sad and moody..
loook like..
reluctant to let me go..
ppl hvn go,she ask me when wana cum bec d..==
hehe..haiz..actually,i also sad wan to go there..
but..happi more than sad..seriously..
=X hehe
hmm..this few day reali tired..
kep shopping shopping n SHOPPING!
go out with fren..
1 by 1 said i wana go kl d..
wan make a farewell..
lol..taught i din came bec d mah..
kl so near only..wan everyday cum bec also can..
err,sorry,talk too much..
but okie la,so that i can buy my thing..
cz nid buy mani stuff..
college stuff lah..
like stationary and clothes..
beside that,also nid buy mani mani thing..
shampoo la,pillow la,blanket la..
and bla bla bla!
seriously,i reali like going to move my whole cupboard there..
haha.. haiz..din reali hav a beg can put all these thing..
i think i should get a new luggage hold..
gurl wat,sure alot stuff wan lars..
anyway,i enjoy packing!
hehe..i love packing since i was small..
kinda weird right?
tml wan go pray my grandmother at penang..
cheng meng cheng meng..
after tat go shopping again ==
i need i wan 2 new beg,a new watch,2 new shoe ^^
then everything done..^.*
wahh..going to hav fun tml..
sure alot food there!! again..haha
saturday cheng meng my grandpa,
and sunday cheng meng my great great-grandfather.. mani cheng meng need to go..
sure sun burn again >.<>
T_T sun block not reali use to me.. after apply it..
also will turn dark..
so..i think i nid to wear a jecket,long pants,n a cap!
oh yah,along with a umbrella too..(:
yea,gud idea.. jz..maybe inside will burning gua..
so hot!! wonder tat i will fainted or not..
aiyah,nvm lah..sweating is gud for health..
lolz..=.= swt.. talking nonsence again..paiseh paiseh..

Friday, March 21, 2008

*~..Go moviE wiTh him..~*

Ahh..veri tired..
jz took my bathe..hehe..
seem like few days din post le..
busy wat..xDhaha..
jz bec form movie..
go with my monitor..
nope.. suppose said ex-monitor..
haha..he going AUS for study this monday..
said wan invite me watch movie..
hmm.. actually i dun reali wanted to go..
because..dun reali hav amood for movie..
but..haiyo..ppl ask for..go lar..
can watch free movie wor..
heheeh..hmm.. kinda long din go cinema d..
so..go hm also nth to do..
because my mum not free so..
i drive go.. ALONE..==my 1st time..hehe..
i scare lah.. but..actually,not so scary lar..
now i prefer alone.. if with my parent..
they sure..kep bal bal bal beside me..
hehe..but,seriously.. not reali enjoy the movie.. with him.. wth..he lied me!
he said went out with 1group fren.
who know.. when i arrived there..
he tel me.. jz BOTH OF US..
knew d also no use.. wat can i do?
so..go watch movie with him.. lor..
1more thing make me more GERAM..
he bought couple sit..== OMG..later ppl taught i was his..
T_T saya tak mau..dunwan dunwan.
i ask him..y u buy couple sit wor..!!i dun wan..!!
but the ans he gave me reali make me fel like bang the wall..
he ans:' aiyah i knew lar,u dun wan sit couple sit with me,u wan couple with me only..isit?'
WTH..!!u know wat..i reali fel like kick him out the cinema.. we watch SHUTTER..
not reali scary but also consider a horror movie.. he sit veri near me..==
he said that..HE SCARED..!!
swt.. summore share 1 box popcorn with him..
thne i tel him,i dunwan share lah,i wan 1 box..
(bcz he sit veri near,i fel reali uneasy)
i jz joke la..he reali go buy..==
hmm..abit paiseh with him nia..hehe..
but seriously,the moment he leave,was the moment i felt most comfortable..
haha..aiyer..i so bad.. no m,ah,i reali dun like ppl sit too near with me..
unles..sm1 special for me lar..^^
after the movie we jz walk around..
yerrr..ui saw alot thing i wana buy..
shoe..cloths..beg..T_T but he there,i cant buy..cheh..!!
nvm..tml go again..haha..
haiz..sad case mani ppl taught i m his GF!!
i'm not..@@ i saw alot fren there..thay also taught..
i m his gf..i told them no lah..reali not..
but..they dun belive..T_T haiz..nvm lah..
1day they will know..
he not my BF! my bf..
always was HIm**
only HIm^^

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hmm..this few day i fel so moody..

du reali hav a mood!!

my heart felt veri uneasy..

i FELT like CRY! tears cannot drop..

wth..pls tell em what's going on.

i knew wat make me so sad actually..

i can FELT it..

felling..nvr will be false.

but,i dare not face the reality..

and what's reali happened..

i dun wan..=[


reali no mood SIA!!!

i hate the felling..

but..i reali cant smile..

no even 1 smile for my day..

I dun wan this..

i reali felt like crying..

perhaps,the pain make me dun know how to cry.

No one know my felling,

i'm suffer..

shall i forgot it?

take it as a memory n start my new life? was the best way for me..

the happiness b4,no longer belongs to me in future..

I reali miss the moment.
*Dear,u sick sick must take care urself yah,fas Fas recover oh*

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today is sunday..
hmm..dun know why..
since i awake til now..
not reali n a gud mood..
Since my mum doesn't work today..
so..we do creampuff!
my dad love creampuff alot..
tat y my mum learn!
Anyway,veri enjoy doing that..
veri fun ler..
but i do until..
abit geli la..when me squeeze the stuff into a shape..
but..the taste not bad lar..
make by ownself ler..
sure mz praise myself abit..
da lang!! done --->>
1st time did this..
okie d lar..hor..hehe..
During afternoon..
my dad home..because of the creampuff..==
normaly,i jz can see him after the sun set..
lol..sound like ghost sia..
bz he busy wat..hehe..
today since both of them also free..
we went some furniture shop for hav alook..
because my dad wanna know wat kind furniture we wan for our bed room..
hehe..Before that..we went our new house 1st..
because we nid know the measurement of batheroom b4 order the bathtub..
my opposite house..the owner hav alot car.. rich..!
he drive fairladyz man..==
so yeng..hahahah..
hmm..for a 60++ years old's old man..
i guess..he not veri suitable gua..
hehehe..summore stick those sticker..
hmm..and write the..'FIRE MOUTIAN'
no idea wat it mean by..
After this,send my bro sister to swiming lesson..
my bro n sister cute..--->>
then go dinner..
tat all..
my day passed simple n happy..^^
For now..nth to do liao..
yesterday din chat alot with him..
i everyday also miss him wan lar..
then ppl reali miss him wat..=D